The Trouble With Tilt With Blackjack

The Trouble With Tilt With Blackjack

When the term “tilt” is mentioned in any discussion about blackjack, the connotation that is given to it is similar to what would be given to a plague, or a flesh-eating virus. In short, it should be avoided altogether whenever possible. The tilt could be dangerous not only for your chip stack but for your bankroll and, thus, your blackjack playing as a whole.

What is a Tilt?

It is a question that is answered too infrequently even if the term itself is often thrown around. Especially in poker you will here of player who have gone on “tilt”.

The same situation of tilt occurs in blackjack just as frequently. Tilt is basically a situation, a frame of mind.

A player usually “goes on tilt” or “tilts” when he or she suffers a particularly damaging loss and begins playing to recoup the lost chips.

Now, while you might initially agree with the players idea, you have got to admit that the reaction is somewhat dangerous.

It is very likely that the player, for one of several factors like stress or anger, begins playing emotionally. That is, the player makes betting decisions based on emotions or feelings rather than tried-and-tested blackjack strategies.

This inevitably leads to increased losses and is known by public speakers as a slippery slope. There is a problem to which a flawed solution is applied, but the solution only leads to a worsening of the initial problem. Players often assume that the dealer now has “their” chips,and they “must” get them back. When the fact is they are no longer your chips. Avoid at All Costs Tilts do not begin until you have begun actually betting stupidly, so you can avoid further losses while they have not yet been exacerbated by avoiding blind, emotional betting. The best way to do that is by a change of mindset from, “Get back those chips” to “Enough chips have been lost already”. The second statement is the best frame of mind to have after a big loss (or several smaller ones in succession) because it makes for some good damage control. Sure, you do not get to regain what you lost in the previous rounds, but at least your losses end there.

Even if you buy your way back to a table, there are still odds against your winning back the chips, and emotional betting only worsens those odds. If you simply cannot stop yourself from playing, at least change casinos (if playing online) as a change of scenery and dealers may be all you need. Stand up and walk away from the blackjack table, digital or real. Read a book, watch some television, or take a walk. Do something else to take your mind off the game and then come back to formulate a recovery strategy once you are calmer and more rational.

Crying and getting mad over spilt milk is foolish enough, let alone actually attempting to lap up further losses and reaching a point of no return with your bankroll. Tilt must always be at the back of your mind when playing, and must be avoided at all costs, otherwise your bankroll will suffer.

Free Tip: Most gamblers tilt at some time or other during play. The secret is to keep tilt to a minimum or avoid tilt altogether if possible. Leading a balanced healthy lifestyle when not gambling is a key ingredient.